Do you have an extra day in Cusco? Would you like to spend it in an extremaly unique way? Check out our full-day biking tour to Chinchero, Moray, Maras and Salineras de Maras.

This is more than just a tour. It is awesome and unforgettable adventure, full of diverse activities during where no one can get bored! Remember also that this is much more than only biking trip!

During this tour you will see, explore and visit a lot of important places. The Cusco region is famous for mountain biking tours. Especially well-known are the paths to Maras and Moray. These two towns are situated in the sacred valley and the best way to reach them is by mountain biking through beautiful and picturesque routes.

Andean village Maras is characterized by its salt mines (Salinas) dating from pre-Inca times and magnificent views of snowy peaks. At a distance of 7 km from Maras there are the incredible circular terraces of Moray – an Inca agricultural research laboratory designed for experimenting with crops at different altitudes.


PHYSICAL FITNESS (From 1: not-in-shape to 10: very athletic): 4



  • Private transportation Cusco – Chinchero – Maras – Moray – Cusco
  • Professional bikes, gloves, helmet
  • Qualified English / Spanish guide
  • Lunch box / snacks: we provide enough food to supply energy for the entire day, but please note that it is not a “classical”, structured meal
  • Entrance ticket to Salineras de Maras.


  • Entrance ticket to Moray and ruins in Chinchero – so called Boleto turistico (check in “additional detaills” about boleto turistico)
  • Accomodation
  • Breakfast, dinner
  • Optional excursions – please see details in Itinerary
  • Spending money – for snacks, drinks, souvenirs, laundry, tips on included excursions and any extras
  • International flights, domestic flights, airport taxes, airport transfers
  • Visa Travel insurance – obligatory.

DAY 1 - Sacred Valley Bike Tour

Chinchero – The Inca ruins and weaving communities

On the whole tour we will start very early in the morning, around 6:30 am. Around 7:30 am you will visit the ruins in Chinchero after which you will have a unique meeting with the local weaving community. You will also have the possibility to participate in the lesson about textiles and weaving in this region and you will see how it looks like the job of the artisans!

Moray – Mysterious hollows in the ground

After Chinchero, you will explore Moray. It is a small village close to an archaeological complex from the times of the Inca Empire. It consists of three natural circular depressions in the ground that constitute agricultural terraces. Two depressions are combined and the third is placed a little further out.

Even now no one knows for what purposes the Incas built these specific “holes”. However, the most popular theory assumes that they were built as agricultural laboratories, in which the Incas conducted research on how the changing climate in each level affects the growth of crops.

The most important thing about this place is that terraces are situated on different levels, the lowest and highest being 30 meters apart. Because each level receives a different amount of sunlight, it impacts the temperature resulting in an average temperature difference of 15 degrees celcius (59 degrees fahrenheit).

In addition, to each terrace the Incas built a complex irrigation system. Thus, the entire structure of these mysterious “holes” in the ground is worth seeing.

But before you will reach the archaeological spot in Moray, you will experience one of the best biking adventures in the Cusco region. During the bicycle tour you will enjoy not only the beautiful landscapes of the Mountain Range of Urubamba with snowy peaks like the Veronica (5 750 m) or Chicón (5 530 m), but also you will learn about the products which are cultivated in this region.

Maras – Chicha de jora

From Moray to the next destination – Maras, where you will have possibility to go on bike (if you do not have experience in mountain biking, you will do the biking tour only from Chinchero to Moray). In the small town of Maras we will stop for a moment and learn about production of the most popular Andean beverage called chicha de jora (corn beer).

Salineras de Maras – Salt mines from the time of the Inca Empire

After Maras we will continue biking towards the incredible salt ponds, in use since Inca times, called Salineras de Maras. Here you will have a chance to walk through more than 5000 salt ponds and learn about the production of salt in this region. The first salt ponds existed at the time of the Inca Empire and what is important is that the salt is produced in the same exact way as when the Incas made it.

If you are not experienced in mountain biking, it is not a problem. We will overcome this part on foot. It will be nice, easy trekking through the paths, used by local people to get to their salt ponds in Salineras. Here you will not only have fresh, mountain air but also incredibly beautiful landscapes.

Return to Cusco

Around 6 pm or 7 pm we will arrive in Cusco, where you will have some time for enjoying the beauty of the night life in the city.

Your tour Heart Of The Inca Empire With Machu Picchu comes to the end today. If you would like to stay in Cusco region or in any other part of Peru longer and explore much more, feel free to contact us. We can add or modyfiy each tour in the way which will meet your expectations.


Our tours are prepared for small groups: up to 12 persons. All prices are based on groups of at least 3 participants.

In case of already constituted groups (from 4 persons), we can personalize any tour and provide a tour guide in some other languages (French, German, Polish…).

In the case of short tours: 1 or 2 days long, so called “boleto turistico” is not included in the price. In the case of tours of minimum 3 days long  “boleto turistico” is always included in the price of the tour.

This tour is aimed at people in good physical and mental condition: please check the “Physicality” information.


Some details of the tour may change depending on weather conditions, physical condition of the participants and other unpredictable things, like for example strikes.


Our prices are “all inclusive” as far as possible. Nevertheless, some excursions, visits or activities cannot be included in order to give you more freedom and to adapt to each traveler.

Please read carefully the “Included” and “Not included” information in the “DETAILS” tab of the tour, and also the details of the “ITINERARY” tab that provides more information about optional excursions, visits or activities.
The prices of our tours may vary in high season (April to November) when some rates can increase.


To book any tour, first we will confirm its availability for your specific date. Then we need to receive an advance payment (50% or full payment) according to current prices and to have your full details (no errors), which are necessary to book the entrance tickets on your behalf.
Please note that your reservation is not confirmed or safe until we receive these elements.


Before travelling, you should always check current information about the necessary vaccines.
We recommend you to take the vaccine against yellow fever at least one week before your travel.
Please note that to participate in any of our tours you have to have valid travel insurance. Please check the regulations and exclusions of your insurance company, especially if trekking in the high mountains or planning adventure sports.


Avoid unforeseen situation by being at departure location at least one day before the beginning of the tour.
Check requirements about passports and visas to enter Peru enough time in advance.


Here you will find some recommendations what kind of items may be needed on the tour:
Small backpack
Sportive clothing
Sun block with high UV factor
Extra cash

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