Choquequirao Ruins 4 days Trek

Choquequirao is one of the most spectacular places in Peru, located in Cusco region. 4 days Choquequirao trek.

Inca Trail Trek

4 days- The Inca Trail Tour to Machu Picchu is one of the best and most famous trekking tours in the world, surrounded by a fascinating natural and cultural beauty.

Cusco Tours For Adventurers and Active

The Best Of The Best In Cusco Region For Active. Unforgettable 11 days with the most spectacular landscapes, experiences and meetings with local communities.
Cusco tours and Inca Ruins in Cicnhero

Heart Of The Inca Empire With Machu Picchu

Everything that Cusco region has to offer. Discover the best of the best in six, spectacular and extremaly diverse days.

South Peru Complete + Inca Trail Trek

Days: 22 - Physicality: 5 or 6 /10 (see details). Very complete and somewhat challenging!

Essentials of South Peru + Inca Trail Trek

Days: 20 - Physicality: 5 or 6 /10 (see details). A complete and challenging overview!

Peruvian Andes + Inca Trail Trek

Days: 18 - Physicality: 5 or 6 /10 (see details). The Sacred Valley with a great trek, lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon, Arequipa and Lima.

Sacred Valley & Titicaca + Inca Trail Trek

Days: 15 - Physicality: 5 or 6 /10 (see details). Two top spots for an active adventure!

Sacred Valley & Coast + Inca Trail Trek

Days: 15 - Physicality: 5 or 6 /10 (see details). A typical and intensive adventure tour.

Amazon, Sacred Valley & Titicaca + Inca Trail Trek

Days: 17 - Physicality: 5 or 6 /10 (see details). Complete and somewhat challenging!

Amazon & Sacred Valley + Inca Trail Trek

Days: 14 - Physicality: 5 or 6 /10 (see details). Two magic regions and a mythic challenge!