If you are a potato lover, Peru is the place to visit. Peru is the land of potatoes and it is said Peru has around 4000 different types of potatoes, and it is easy to see because comparing to many other countries, for example grocery stores sell a lot of different types of potatoes. The potatoes have different colour, size, texture, skin and taste, but all of them have their own purpose in the Peruvian cuisine.   Four most popular potatoes in Peru 1. Papa Amarilla Papa Amarillas have a brownish skin and yellow or butter colour flesh. It is best to use for making a creamy potato mash. 2. Papa Blanca Papa Blancas are light brown from outside and the flesh is pale white. The best way to cook them is frying or boiling. 3. Papa Canchan Papa Canchans have a pink skin and the flesh is white. They

Ceviche, can be spelled also cebiche or seviche, is the most popular dish in Peru. It is usually white fish or some other seafood marinated and cooked with the acidic juice of Peruvian limes. There are endless ways to cook ceviche but one traditional ceviche needs only 5 ingredients which are white fish, chopped in even cubes, juice of the Peruvian lime, and seasoned with chili peppers, onion and salt. The origin of ceviche is still a mystery but there are archaeological evidences that over 2000 years ago the pre-Hispanic people ate similar dish to ceviche, they used the juice of tumbo to cook the raw fish. It is also believed Incas used chicha, a fermented corn beer to marinate the raw fish. The version which is consumed nowadays came along with the Spaniards when they introduced the lime and onions to Peru.   ATTENTION! Always  use the freshest fish available

One of the best ways to get to know a country and its culture is to eat local food. Ditch the international fastfood restaurants and head instead to local eating places. Peru, in particular, is a good destination for a foodie. Find out what dishes you should try when you are in Cusco.

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