Peru is a country rich in diversity; it has stunning landscapes, the Andean mountain range, tropical jungles, beautiful coastlines, beaches, and desert. It is also rich in archaeological sites, colonial architecture, and plenty of history and culture to absorb. Here are the 10 best destinations to visit in Peru, the ‘Land of the Incas.’

Bolivia has a lot to offer for travelers, both in terms of organized tours and some independent travel. Choose from sporting adventures, hiking, or exploring charming towns and cities. There is certainly a lot of beauty to be found in this understated country of South America.

Cusco is a city rich in culinary variety. Part of the charm of this city comes from food-oriented experiences. From the up-market restaurants to the bustling market stalls and street-food sellers, there is always a healthy option for food and drinks. Here are some tips on where to find healthy meals in Cusco.

Travel to South America and visit the 10 tallest mountains. If you’re travelling to Chile, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia you can be sure to come across these magnificent mountains along your travels. Reaching over 6000m tall, there’s opportunity and adventure for the intrepid explorer. Whether you choose to venture the momentous climbs or simply stand back and admire the beauty and landscape it will be memorable for all.  

Health is probably the single most important thing in life. The last thing you want to worry about when you are traveling is falling ill; it is not fun to be confined in your bed in a foreign city! Here are our recommendations to stay healthy while traveling.