8 Reasons to Pack Your Bags and Visit Peru

Have you ever thought about travelling to Peru? Here are 8 reasons why you should definitely visit this diverse country. Peru is a perfect destination to explore a lot in a short time.




1. Unbelievable Biodiversity

In Peru you can find three different geographic zones: cost, highland and jungle. These zones divide Peru in three different regions of recognisable flora and fauna. It is possible to witness the great biodiversity even during a short visit as a 14-hour bus journey will bring you to the highland from the coast before continuing to the jungle.


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2. Diversity of Living Cultures

Discover different civilisations, the best way to do it is to visit the local Quechua or Aymara families in Amantani Island and stay with them for a night. Whole calendar year is full of celebrations therefore it is hard to miss a cultural experience during your stay.




3. Culinary Delights

Peruvian cuisine is said to be the best one in South America. It is not surprise as the cuisine varies a lot depending of the climate and culture. Enjoy the fresh Cheviche (fresh seafood in lime marinade) in the coast and try the Andean delicacy Cuy (guinea pig meat) without forgetting the street food like Humitas.


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4. Ancient History

In Peru you will be always surrounded by an ancient history. Inca ruins are considered to be the most mystical and incredible sites in the whole world. The best way to enjoy the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu is to hike through the Inca paths on the famous Inca Trail Trek. The variety of the history does not stop here as Peru has been a habitat for multiple civilisations, for example, you can explore the Nazca lines by small plane or just visit the different museums and learn about the culture.




5. Extreme Sport Paradise

Because Peru has three geographic zones it is possible to try different extreme sports. In breathtakingly beautiful Huacachina dunes you can try sand boarding or take a dune buggy ride, in Lima you can try paragliding off the coastal cliffs and enjoy the incredible view or in Amazon’s upper reaches you can try river running and enjoy the amazing biodiversity.




6. Unique Handicrafts

Textiles are the most famous handicrafts which you can find in Peru. You can see the local women weaving extremely complicated patterns. The best place to explore the weaving culture is the Cusco region, where you can visit the workshops. Other noticeable handicrafts are wood carvings, jewellery and paintings.




7. Safety and Hospitality

Peruvians are always happy welcome foreigners to their amazing country and are interested of them. If you know even few words in Spanish,  you can easily experience the hospitality and culture of Peru, especially in the smaller communities. Peru is also becoming a safer destination every day.




8. Affordable Destination

Peru has something to offer for everyone. You can take the advantage of cheap prices which goes along everything for example, it is possible to buy a lunch from local restaurant for $2.

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