Nightlife in Cusco

Cusco by day is just wonderful. There are many sights to fascinate visitors, from ancient Inca temples and charming squares to lots of beautiful colonial buildings.

If you’re only in Cusco for one day, it might be tempting to head back to your hotel after a day’s sightseeing and go to bed early. However, if you want to see a different Cusco, go around from sundown onwards. Party enthusiasts flood the city’s main square, the Plaza de Armas, and San Blas.

To set the mood for a night full of entertainment and fun, head first to a restaurant bar, Inkaria, and drink the infamous concoction that people call the “soul of twenty plants.” This will definitely prep you for the long evening head. Inkaria has a good view of the city, too, plus the drink comes in a cui-shaped pitcher. Fun!

For an easy guide and great ideas of the frequently visited discotheques, here are the top bars and disco houses that make the nightlife in Cusco much more enjoyable.


Cross Keys

Cross Keys is one of the oldest pubs in Cusco. It’s mostly popular with British tourists, as it is owned by the English honorary consul. If you’re a Brit and you miss your drinking place in your country, you will feel at home here, its ambiance is very English. It’s usually packed at night, but it is big enough to accommodate everybody. There’s also a satellite TV where you can catch some NFL football.

Ukuku’s Bar & Club

Ukuku’s Bar is known to have the best live music in Cusco. They have a large dance floor and you can dance to a variety of live music and shows every night, from alternative and jazz to Latin, Afro-Peruvian, Andean fusion, and rock, among others. You can even spend the night here, as they’re open until 5am. Hungry? They have a pizza bar, too.

7 Angelitos

When everything else has closed, head to San Blas and party way late into the night at 7 Angelitos. They have live music every night, from retro funk DJs to local Andean fusion bands. The best thing? They have the best mojitos in town.


Mama Africa

Centrally-located, Mama Africa is quite popular especially with backpackers. It is packed on weekends, mostly with travelers looking to get lucky. There’s a cover charge after 11pm, but you might find people walking around giving promotional cards. Music is nice and very lively, and drinks are cheap. Bring change; people have been known to complain that they didn’t get change when they paid with 50 or 100 soles bills.

Inka Team

Very nicely located at the Portal de Panes on Plaza de Armas, Inka Team promises an unforgettable experience of Cusco’s nightlife. The feel-good atmosphere and fiery crowd will keep you dancing through the night. There are professional disc jockeys ensuring that folks are moving all night long. You can choose among three modern bars, too, each offering different themes and tones. The club also has a state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology to complete your ultimate fun clubbing experience.

Mythology Bar

If you’re into ballroom dancing, head to Mythology Bar once the dusk hits. There are separate rooms for salsa lesson and ballroom dancing to the medley of Latin music. Another room has disc jockeys where different genres of music are being played to keep you dancing all night long. Drinks are also flowing and are reasonably priced.


Sky Discoteca

This nightclub is located along Avenida El Sol, Cusco’s main road running down from Plaza de Armas. Regulars are mostly locals but the place is totally heaving on Friday and Saturday nights with both residents and tourists. It’s worth a try to find out what makes this bar a choice among youngsters. You will love the ambiance that the place offers while different types of music are being played by DJs. Usually, the focal point of music genre is Latin songs since most of the customers are Latinos.

Everybody deserves to rev up once in a while, so hanging out and enjoying the nightlife in Cusco is definitely an enjoyable way to end your day in the Inca city.

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